The Stollery's Children Hospital Foundation

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What is the Stollery's Children Hospital Foundation?

The Stollery's Children Hospital Foundation is a place where thousands of sick children are taken care of to get the best medical attention. This foundation helped and still helps save thousands of children's lives each day. Without the Stollery's Children Foundation, this would be an entirely different world, especially without the children who did not get a second chance at life. In the University of Alberta Hospital, there are 140 physician and 400 staffs. The Stollery's Children Foundation are dedicated to providing many children with the best health care in Canada.

The History of the Stollery's Children Hospital Foundation

The Northern Alberta Stollery's Children Foundation was established in 1978 in Edmonton, Alberta. In 1992, the name was changed to Children's Health Foundation of Northern Alberta, this was to reflect on teh role of the Foundation where funds were raised to support regional Child Health Care. Over the next seven years, the Foundation was helping to benefit for specialized services provided by the Child Health Program across Canada. In 1999, the name was changed to Children's Health Foundation.

With the generous support received by the people in the community, over $10 million was raised towards building a children's hospital in Edmonton, Alberta. In 1991, the Stollery's Children Hospital was the only hospital in Edmonton whose foundation was not specified to supporting the needs of children.

The images below are taken inside the hospital to show what facilities there are.

The second and third picture just show what facilities there are to make the sick children feel just like they are at home.
The fourth picture shows what it looks like inside a patient's room.
The fifth picture is showing one of the halls, to make is look playful and happy!
The sixth picture makes sick children feel like they are on the beach, with special events happening to keep them happy. There are staffs that help the sick children to help children adjust, socialize and learn.
The last picture is a store that sells teddy bears, where all proceeds go to the Stollery's Children Foundation. You should go!

You can find out more information about the Stollery's Children Hopital Foundation or to make donations, go to:

4th Floor Aberhart Centre 1
11402 University Avenue NW
Edmonton, AB T6G 2J3
Phone (780) 433-KIDS (5437)
Fax (780) 431-1076

Just in case you did not know this, but May is known as Miracle Month! Help donate and save lives today!!
To make a donation towards the Children's Hospital, click here!

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